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Could your HOA stop your house sale?

02 Oct 2019
If you're buying a property in an estate or cluster complex run by a homeowners' association, you need to know that it might not be able to resell that property

Dress up your home's exterior to attract more buyers

02 Oct 2019
There's no doubt that modern kitchens and bathrooms, spacious living rooms, lots of storage and good security will persuade buyers to purchase your home

Additional fees involved when buying a home

30 Sep 2019
When you have finally saved enough to lay out a deposit for your dream home, you are faced with the other costs that you need to bear.

How to boost your credit score to afford your dream home

30 Sep 2019
In South Africa, having a healthy credit score can increase your chances of securing finance for your new home.

Prep your home for a Spring sale

30 Sep 2019
Spring is the season that invites a fresh new start into our lives and what better way to do so than to move into a lovely new home.

It pays to be honest about your home's flaws

20 Sep 2019
There's no such thing as a perfect property and buyers know that as well as you do

Don't let electrical problems come as a shock

17 Sep 2019
As spring arrives, we all tend to worry less about load-shedding and rolling blackouts, but actually the ageing infrastructure in many areas

From the Desk of the MD - September 2019

12 Sep 2019
The news that South Africa's GDP has rebounded from a decline in the first quarter of the year and is now growing once again puts a spring in the step of many

Should you fix it up or give it up?

12 Sep 2019
After a while, most home-owners find something about their home that they really wish was different

Get tax breaks on investment properties

12 Sep 2019
As we enter the second half of the financial year, it's time to start thinking about tax savings
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